Top 10 Horror Games Coming In 2023 & 2024

2024 is likely going to be a year jam-packed with exciting horror games.

By SkulD, Posted 12 Nov 2023

With the end of 2023 in sight, the horror genre has never looked better with an amazing list of new titles coming up at the tail end of the year, and into 2024. Luckily it seems like fans of the Terrifying will have access to not only a slew of great titles but also a great variety. There’ll be something for everyone as we approach the holiday season, so make sure to catch some of these amazing titles! Ranging from science fiction and zombie survival to dinosaurs and the occult; 2024 is a year jam-packed with exciting opportunities in the gaming landscape.

Alan Wake 2, Top 10 Horror Games

Alan Wake 2

Welcome to the second entry of the Alan Wake series, a survival horror title that hopes to introduce you to shadows taking over humans, animals, and other objects. Created by Remedy, this title is available now to tide horror fans over until some of the later titles come out. Will our writer survive the years of a new dimension he’s been placed in, or give in to the nightmares that lurk behind every door? Alan Wake 2 is available on the Epic Games Store now!

The Invincible

Welcome to a take on Stanislaw Lem's The Invincible Book, a hard science fiction novel stemming from Poland. Developed by Starward Industries, and published by 11 Bit Studios. Play as an Astrobiographer on your adventure into an alien world. Discover the origins of many of our common science fiction tropes including nanotechnology, smart dust, artificial swarm intelligence, and more. 

This thrilling ride will see you out of this world, and into the arms of the great unknown. Embarking on an action-packed ride through the cosmic horror that is solitude, you will be left with yourself and your thoughts. As part of the heavily armed Invincible's crew, you'll be met with signs of qualifying, a form of ancient evolution that created the horrors of nanotechnology. The Invincible is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and Microsoft Windows now!

The Invincible, Top 10 Horror Games

The Day Before

The day before is a modern take on the classic zombie shooter genre. Taking a lot of elements from DayZ, another popular title in the zombie survival genre; you enter the northeastern United States. Developed by Fantastic, it promises to be an action-packed open-world MMO experience. The story takes place after a deadly pandemic that has wrought through the world. As a group of survivors, you're tasked with not only defending against each other but the hordes that await you. 

Sporting intense combat, and a plethora of customization options you'll have a lot to look forward to. As a looter shooter, you'll need to collect and upgrade your gear to become the best you can against the hordes of the world. Following in the footsteps of titles like Escape from Tarkov, and Marauders, will you master the hordes, or be a menace to the survivors? The Day Before will be available on next-gen consoles and PC December 7th, 2023.

Dark Atlas: Infernum

Dark Atlas Infernum is a title that offers an ambient eldritch horror element, journeying into the mind for a psychological adventure. As a first-person horror title, you'll be traveling through a nightmare scape of occult symbolism, medical fears, and claustrophobic atmospheres. For fans of titles such as Layers of Fear, you are bound to enjoy this hellish tale. 

Dark Atlas: Infernum, Top 10 Horror Games

Beyond this, the stories of spirits and weather patterns are bound to offer something for everyone. Mixing the occult and science fiction, Dark Atlas Infernum promises players to be a wild ride! Developed by Night Council Studios, and published by Selecta Play, Dark Atlas Infernum will be available soon in 2023! Lacking a direct release date, it'll come as abruptly as the spirits in our living rooms. 

Silent Hill 2

One of the most legendary titles in the series, Silent Hill 2 sees a remake by the amazing Konami Publisher. Produced by Bloober Team SA, promising to be a faithful redefinition of the story; fans are bound to get their money's worth. Take the part of James as he journeys into Silent Hill in search of someone sending a letter in the name of his deceased wife. Along the way, enjoy the painted picture of guilt, grief, and despair as our protagonist comes to terms with the truth. 

There are no heroes in Silent Hill, only those learning from their mistakes; likewise, our Protagonist will have to learn to suffer through the horrors of Pyramid Head, and the rest of the motley crew. Promising to bring about new gameplay features, and a modern take on the classic story; there will be something for new fans, and returning ones alike.

Silent Hill 2, Top 10 Horror Games

As an influential member of the psychological horror genre, Silent Hill holds a legacy both endeared and criticized by its fan base, hopefully, this remake will be the former in their perspectives! Silent Hill 2 will be released on Playstation Five, and PC. There will be no Xbox port of this game upon release sometime in late 2023, to 2024. 

Alone In The Dark

Next on our list is a remake of the cult classic, Alone In The Dark. Being a modern graphics next generation look at the 90’s classic, Alone In The Dark takes you into a psychological horror in a southern gothic setting. Diagnose the evils of the Derceto Manor, and enter a battleground between the forces of darkness, and the quainity of the Gilded Age.

As a third-person shooter, you’ll have to take direct action against the monsters and undead of this quiet place. As a single-player experience, players are sure to have a story jam-packed with excitement, tragedy, and unsettling horror. Developed by Pieces Interactive and published by THQ Nordic, Alone In The Dark has the star power to deliver an amazing experience. Alone In The Dark will be available on next-gen consoles, and PC on January 16th, 2024. 

Paleophage, Top 10 Horror Games


PALEOPHAGE is the next title in the dinosaur survival genre; this time lending itself to horror in a third-person shooter environment. You will be tasked with surviving in the American Mid West from a resort of dinosaurs that have broken free. Using researched paleontology to design their dinosaurs, you’ll see everything from realistic movements and feathering to unique behavioral choices. 

PALEOPHAGE calls itself a biological prehistoric nightmare and looks to be an amazing ride from start to finish. Mixing commando-style over-the-shoulder combat with history’s apex species it could very well scratch that Jurassic Park itch. PALEOPHAGE is developed and published by LogDev, and will be available at some point in 2024. Being one of the more interesting horror concepts to come to PC, PALEOPHAGE is sure to take a bite out of the competition.

Paranormal Tales

Next on our list is a truly terrifying take on the horror genre, that being Paranormal Tales. A story of horror portrayed through the lens of bodycams, phones, and VHS cameras. While it is a title that mixes elements of analog horror with digital, it becomes clear you will have zero respite in this world. At every twist and turn, you’ll be haunted by the visage of a spirit who seems equal part malicious as it is terrifying. 

Paranormal Activity, Top 10 Horror Games

Truly what makes this experience stand out from the other horror titles here is that it uses a unique perspective system that throws you off your guard. It is like watching third-hand videos from something like a live leak website, except with the brutal reality of spectral forces. Paranormal Tales is developed by Digital Cybercherries using the Unreal Engine 5, and promises to be a thriller for only the toughest of horror fans! You can expect to see Paranormal Tales on the Steam store sometime in 2024, are you prepared?

Tormented Souls 2

Tormented 2 is the next phase of the series following Caroline Walker in her attempt to save her cursed sister. Spelunk through monasteries cursed by evil entities, and other ghoulish locations in your search for not only closure but a sense of survival. Taking elements from survival horror, action titles, and crafting systems you’ll have to fight monsters with makeshift weapons. A stylized horror game that follows a lot of elements from Silent Hill, Devil May Cry, and many others it takes its place around imagery from religious horror. 

Will you be able to stop the demons lurking in the shadows, or curry yourself to their whispers? Developed by Dual Effect, and published by PQube, Tormented Souls 2 is bound to be a great title for any fan of traditional horror titles. Not to mention being the second installment of the series, now is the perfect time to join the franchise in anticipation of this action horror! Tormented Souls 2 will be available in 2024 for next-gen consoles, and PC.

Pneumata, Top 10 Horror Games


Pneumata is a psychological and Survival Horror game that takes place around a detective trying to solve the disappearances of tenants inside a haunted apartment building. Armed with their training and police pistol, they’ll be forced to explore these eldritch halls while being tormented by strange creatures. Will you be able to piece together your memory, or become another soul lost in the darkness of this hellish landscape? 

Pneumata takes the best aspects of paranormal horror and mixes them with a first-person experience bound to wow many! Will you be able to solve the horrors of Clover Hill, or become another of its victims, only time will tell. Developed by Deadbolt Interactive, and published by Perp Games you can find Pneumata on next-gen consoles and PC. Pneumata will be available in quarter four of 2024!

If horror isn't your cup of tea, then you can also check out the upcoming MMROPG games that are coming in 2023 and 2024.

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