Daav's 3DS Day Out

Share your codes in the comments; let’s have a party.

By Daavpuke, Posted 13 Jan 2012

Do you ever have one of those days where you go do completely random things, for seemingly no reason? Today was one of those days for me. This morning, I decided that instead of waking up casually with some morning coffee, I’d go out for a walk and grab a cup. The coffee in itself was awesome; Mokka Cappuccino, but that’s not the point. The point is that I had my 3DS with me, just for kicks.

NoobFeed Feature - Daav's 3DS Day Out

I already established during my visit at FACTS convention that the 3DS social networking is haphazard at best and poorly judged at its worst. Who, except random loony bins such as yours truly, would just take a 3DS and walk around with it in sleep mode, just because? It’s a simple thought, but even without thinking about it too much, it’s obvious to see many reasons against it and few for it. Except for cell phones, people don’t really carry multimedia, powered on at all times. There’s little reason to lug it around and waste its precious battery, since it’s getting 0 use in return.

NoobFeed Feature - Daav's 3DS Day Out

Well, today of all random days, this brisk walk of 2000-ish steps (my 3DS told me) finally bore some fruits of labor. Two random passersby had the exact same foolish idea. I dare even say that I scoped out those suckers from a short distance as potential suspects. And no, this time it wasn’t the demo unit to the nearby retail store; these were recent users, as they had used one of the new features: Eurosport. Does that mean the slump for Nintendo is over? I don’t know, but let’s say no, because this is hardly representative. My foray on the convention floor was a much more crowded, though concentrated, test. Still, as a random encounter, this marks somewhat of a milestone: There are actually enough units in rotation to make sure of a StreetPass activity now.

NoobFeed Feature - Daav's 3DS Day Out

Today was a good day; until I broke my middle finger, dancing to Bleeding Through in true Friday the 13th fashion. I freshened up with a walk, contributed to the local coffee shop economy, had some tasty brew and came home to a flickering light I thought I’d never see. Not only that, but it got me acquainted with the new features of the Mii Plaza. There’s a whole new mess of things you can do. There are even achievements now. Oh yes, Nintendo has jumped on the bragging rights wagon and you can now rub achievements in people’s faces, rather than just Mii Plaza hits. Perhaps this is the tomfoolery Nintendo applied to get people to tug their handheld around? It seems the power of virtual trophies with 0 value are paying off for just about anyone that uses them. How fickle people we truly are. Doesn’t matter; I have coffee. I’m happy. Social interaction is now also improved towards SpotPass, so anyone wanting to join in on the fun, my friend code is: 5155-3088-5853.

NoobFeed Feature - Daav's 3DS Day Out

Share your codes in the comments; let’s have a party.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • although not a 3DS owner...i must say thats a funny story lol.

    you meet the darnest people when one gets out of their house...in your case you pass by the darnest things lol

    Posted Jan 14, 2012

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