Top 5 Injustice: Gods Among Us Characters

Want to start playing Injustice? Find out what fighter is the one for you.

By Daavpuke, Posted 05 May 2013

We reviewed Injustice: Gods Among Us a little while ago. It’s great. It’s one of 3, maybe 4 fighting games I’ve done in 2 or 3 years, not because I don’t like them, but because I’m usually not committed to engage in the online part and that’s always a large chunk of the game. That said, I like fighting games a lot, just not the meta game that comes with it. For instance, I have fond memories of Arcana Heart 3’s smooth mechanisms. I’m still “casual,” whatever that means, so more hardened players might have a different perspective than this piece will have. If so, no foul, feel free to interject with your views in the comments. We’d love to see it. However, this piece will take a look at what characters will welcome newcomers the best.

Fighting styles in this game have many different options, but they’re not all equally accessible to all comers. Some fighters are not necessarily bad, but their intricate design will make them too complex to pick up immediately.  That’s why we sorted through the horde of close-up fighters, big brawlers, swift strikers and special oddballs to get a team of super heroes and villains that are the most proficient in butt kicking. Here are the best guys and gals to use against others when you start out and still want to measure up to other players.

5. Ares

It’s amazing the original God of War didn’t get sued by presenting himself as such in the game. As that big name suggests, Ares is one of many bulky fighters that are easier to understand, though he isn’t the most exceptional one. There are, however, a few tricks that put the horned god to the forefront of these punchers, distinctive from the pack.

Mainly, the unique character power of Ares is a quick and easy damage strike that throws giant weaponry at enemies. It’s both powerful and intensely gratifying to throw a human-sized sword at someone’s face. It packs more weight than most of these attacks. Additionally, Ares has the ability to teleport and drop in behind fighters, taking advantage of this vulnerable state. That also opens up extra opportunities for throws, as it stays in range.  While he can also cloak to become invisible, teleporting is much handier in reality, than it sounds in theory. Finally, when driving up for the super move, Ares uses that giant sword to deliver an overhead wallop. This makes short work of those that want to sidestep the attack with pesky timed jumps. Screw that; you get sword in your face.

4. The Joker

As a main character in the story campaign, many players will love The Joker before their first turn with his fighting style. He provides the setup in the game and that premise is Machiavellian to say the least. Still, he’s as versatile in his evil ways as he is in his fighting game. That’s what makes The Joker special, certainly as he is one of the only lighter characters here. While his frame does generally cater to swifter attacks, many of his moves keep enemies at bay altogether. Kicking a can of laughing gas or flinging it overhead covers ground and aerial threats, while his gun is a quick way to spam damage.

If an opponent does come near, they’ll have hell to pay as the prankster can proceed to business by whipping out a crowbar, which deals severe punishment if used properly. There is no one way that he can be approached, as this style is as unpredictable as the character itself. Perhaps what makes him so enticing is how harshly his aesthetics are nailed. There is no intro more brutal than walking in with a corpse, nor is it possible to top setting your opponent ablaze and casually walking away. Evil is so much fun.

3. Sinestro

As a corps counterpart to Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Sinestro is the perfect villain. Bred from the same mold, but turned evil, this is a character that strikes fear in his enemies. While that one movie with Ryan Reynolds barely touches upon the depth that can be had with this duo, Injustice does more for the lore. Sure, the fearful mustached soldier resembles the Green Lantern a bit, but he is clearly the better fighter in the game. For starters, Sinestro’s moves are a lot more focused. Only a few skills are available, which make them easier to learn, while still retaining the same power. Just like Hal, he’ll keep enemies at distance with ranged attacks. In particular, crushing his opposition with a large boulder is enough to keep anyone on their toes.

However, his main strength is a trapping move that summons shackles to restrain fighters. During this period, players are completely helpless, which opens up Sinestro to perform an easy grapple or power move of choice. Through these techniques, Sinestro is a great character to sit back and think about the battle, instead of having to mash and panic. Fear does not panic.

2. Raven

Demon child Raven is one of the more intricate characters to work with. She uses her unique character power, which is different for all fighters, to excel. Unlike lesser characters like Nightwing or Wonder Woman, who uses this to switch between sword and shield, Raven’s unique trait isn’t accessible at all times, so her basic form is still powerful enough to work with. However, triggering her special skill boosts her abilities exponentially, which make for quite a powerful experience.

One of the strengths in her move set is a form of teleportation, just like Ares. That’s for those that like to come up close to dish out damage. Still, the main reason for her inclusion is her distance grab, which paralyzes foes and tosses them to the floor. By boosting power, this can be performed from great lengths, no matter where the character stands, which becomes incredibly hard to surpass. As enemies must close the distance to stop these attacks, Raven can become a lethal tactician to those who can wield her strengths. She’s the prime example for enhanced power and choosing her in a game will frustrate your opponents and put you at a sizable advantage.

1. Aquaman

Those that have followed our recent articles will have already figured out this top spot, as Aquaman was the focus of his own article. If anyone is out to enjoy Injustice: Gods Among Us, then look no further than the King of Atlantis. With a move for any situation, this heavy hitter combines both versatility and power. His trident can be used as a projectile or to jab the enemy into oblivion, while water can rise as an additional ranged attack that sweeps fighters off their feet. Additionally, he only needs a few moves to understand, which each pack a giant punch. There is no wrong way to use this character, while still dominating the screen simply and effectively.

Finally, his super gauge can either be used to perform a lot more punishment in his standard moves or be used for a quick payoff with a shark attack. While other characters before Aquaman in this list have similar strengths, a portion of his appeal is cosmetic. He is equally capable, perhaps even slightly more powerful, but his aesthetic is top notch. That makes him both a character worth playing and easy to enjoy, while he also wins tons of matches.


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