The Last of Us First Impression

Naughty Dog have created another masterpiece.

By Grayshadow, Posted 03 Oct 2013

First revealed in 2011 The Last of Us has been on the minds of critics and consumers for a long time. Developed by Naughty Dog, known for Jak and Daxter and the Uncharted series, The Last of Us is third-person action-adventure survival horror game center on a a global outbreak of a cordyceps infection that has spread to humans, causing the victims to mutate into monstrously creatures that vanguard the destruction of civilization. Those who survived the calamity live in heavily-policed quarantine zones, independent settlements, or nomadic groups. It’s an intense title that touches sensitive issues of survival and morality, while creating enough drama within the first hour to keep you hooked until the end.

Although E3 had ended and my mind was still focused on the Xbox One and PS4, The Last of Us made me forget that intense cage fight for something just as intense. I was introduced to Joel, and his daughter Sarah, celebrating his birthday in a small meaningful way only to have everything go to hell the next day. After gaining control of Sarah I proceeded to wonder why I was controlling this little girl as she interacted with the environment in an attempt to locate her father. Everything I came into contact with showcased another section of the upcoming horrors, then it began. Seeing Joel, his brother Tommy, and Sarah attempt to escape the chaotic city reminded me of the flashbacks in the film I Am Legend. However it wasn’t the life and death situations with the infected that drew me into The Last of Us but seeing Joel grip his dying daughter into arms, as tears flooded his face. Naughty Dog deserves a award for that scene alone.

After such a heartbreaking scene I was treated to 20 years of information in 40 seconds as the cordyceps infection ravaged the world, the military took over, and a new group called the Fireflies attempted reestablish the former government. I began to see Joel’s new life as a smuggler and his first job was to eliminate a former partner, Robert, with the aid of my new friend Tess. Things became increasingly more insane as I was introduce to combat, stealth, and the Cordyceps-humans.

While I can charge forward in every battle it’ll will certainly lead to an early death, The Last of Us favors stealth because one-hit kills and a finite amount of supplies. I was able to create a limited amount of tools by collecting material within the environment, such as shivs, to aid me in hidden kills. I was shocked to see that I couldn’t pause the game to make supplies but everything is done in real time. While I was able to dispense of cordyceps enemies using cheap tactics the human attackers proved more formidable, using the environment, suppressing fire, and attempting to flank me every chance they got. When I finally found Robert I realized I wasn’t playing a hero or an anti-hero, just a surviver, and I liked it.

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I couldn’t stop planing after I finished my video. I had to see what was next for Joel after, what appeared to be another day in the life of a smuggler, turning into something entirely new was enticing. I played The Last of Us from start to finish and seeing Ellie and Joel grow not only their relationship but as a entirely new person. Each new twist and heartbreaking scene had me at the end of my seat, I couldn’t stop until I new how the journey ended. I may have yet to try the multiplayer portion of The Last of Us but after playing for a hour I felt that the single-player was worth the entire retail price on it’s own.

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