Interview: Tabitha Lyons

We spoke to an incredibly sexy geek Tabitha Lyons, and talked about her passion for video games and cosplay.

By RON, Posted 13 Dec 2013

This week I had the great opportunity to chat with Tabitha Lyons, a UK based Cosplayer. She’s well known for her wonderful cosplaying, her passion for designing props with Artyfakes, and Live Action Role-Playing performances. It’s amazing how she doesn’t consider herself a professional cosplayer as she is without any doubt among the best.

Before chatting with her I only recognized her as an incredibly sexy geek. But she turned out to be the nicest celebrity to talk to with her charismatic personality. Even with her busy schedule, she managed to take some time and join us for an interview. Let’s not wait any more and see what she had to say.

Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer

Ron: You discovered cosplaying through Artyfakes? What do you enjoy doing most? Making costumes or doing cosplay?

Tabitha: I did, it was when I was promoting Artyfakes Skyrim inspired range that the world of cosplay was introduced to me. Making costumes and pea-coking around in them is all cosplay to me, one would not be the same without the other. This is why I love cosplay.

Ron: We’ve seen your modeling shots in many magazines. It’s a fact that you look very professional not to mention attractive as well. But why you never considered modeling as a career?

Tabitha: Thank you for your kind words, I'm not actually a model and don't see myself as one, I would much prefer to get dirty in the Artyfakes workshop and take selfies.

Ron: Is it difficult to pursue cosplay as a profession? What are the hurdles you initially came across before becoming this successful?

Tabitha: I don't get paid to cosplay; I cosplay because I love the hobby. I work with my dad in our company called Artyfakes which makes props for cosplay, film, TV and other industries; there has been lots of challenging moments the biggest is having enough time to do everything!

Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer

Ron: Who is your favorite character to dress up as? Is it because you love it most, or because your fans do?

Tabitha: I love my characters all for different reasons; Juliet starling is always fun to play as she is exactly like me. I can just run around in flat, comfy trainers and chop zombie heads off :)

Ron: When and how do you decide cosplaying a character? Do you pick from a game or comic that you have liked, or based on people’s choice?

Tabitha: I will only cosplay characters I know or have fallen in love with. I know lots of people have cosplayed Black Cat and Rogue but I can't blame them! I knew my cosplay life would not be completed until I cosplay those characters, they meant so much to me when I was growing up and still to this day.

Ron: Considering the success of Lollipop Chainsaw do you reckon developers/publishers will start using official cosplayers more to promote their games? And what do you think the benefits of such a promotion are?

Tabitha: Of course! They would be stupid not to! What better then fans to promote products they love? It's WIN WIN all around!!

Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer

Ron: Behind the popular cosplayer Tabitha Lyons, you are well known as a geek who loves comic and video games. Tell us about your fascination for them? Any special memory you’d like to share?

Tabitha: I'm much more of a gamer then a comic reader, though love both especially the art. I love the wide variation there is just like music there is always something that suits my mood wither I just want to let my temper out on a beat'em up game or just relax with a marvel comic.

Ron: How did you get into liking video games so much? And what is one of your favorite moments in a video game?

Tabitha: I always remember staying up late and missing school to help my mum play zelda :) some of the best moments I've ever had.

Ron: What is your go to game if you need cheering up?

Tabitha: Currently Diablo 3

Ron: Your campaign against troll control, how did it go? Do you think you were able to put some senses into the troll loving people?

Tabitha: lol our troll went down very well and we raised over £300 for help the heroes at Artyfakes last expo event. I hope we have helped spread the message of, don't be a troll.

Ron: Live Action Role Play it’s something vastly familiar. But we know that you love doing it. Tell us why you love it so much? Do you still do it? Why do you think it never got popular around the globe?

Tabitha: Larp, is something I have done since I was a little girl and is what gave me Artyfakes. Larp is popular around the globe though I do find cosplay more "acceptable"  I think people can relate to characters that already exist, it's a lot harder to become and act your own fictional character.

Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer Tabitha Lyons, Interview, Artyfakes, Cosplayer, Girl Gamer

Ron: If you could live in any game universe, which would it be and why?

Tabitha: Krynn 'cause DRAGONLANCE!!!!

- What recent games are you most looking forward to playing? And which next-gen console are you planning to get?

Tabitha: There are so many cool games coming out along with brand new consoles, I need to have some free time before I can think about that.

Ron: Do you have any interesting upcoming plans or what can fans expect to see from you in the near future?

Tabitha: I always try to beat my last biggest cosplay, so if you think Kitiara was good wait until you see her dragon!!

A big thanks to Tabitha for taking the time to talk with us! We look forward to hearing about your upcoming projects and wish you continued success! Keep up with Tabitha Lyons on Artyfakes, give her a like on Facebook and follow her on Twitter!

Sarwar Ron, NoobFeed
Twitter | +SarwarRon

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