IndieGameStand Deal Review: Bionic Dues / Arcen Games Sale

We play Bionic Dues to showcase the latest IndieGameStand sale with Arcen Games.

By Daavpuke, Posted 28 Oct 2014

Throughout this week and on to November 4, digital platform IndieGameStand will hold a sale for developer Arcen Games’ catalog. These items come with Steam keys at heavily discounted prices, for those who are up for it. We’ve been given a copy of one of the developer’s most recent ventures, Bionic Dues, to showcase what they’re all about. In particular, the visual flair of menus and illustrated art stays the same through most of its projects. There is also an emphasis on activating that gray matter in the brain, because gameplay is usually challenging.

Bionic Dues, however, is better to ease in players. At least, our gameplay commentary goes fairly well, since the challenge for the game is set on its tail end. An army of mechs pushes back an opposing line and picks up scraps and loot as it completes missions. After fifty missions, the two parties meet for one final encounter that lobs in all the remaining forces in several waves.

Other games on sale during IndieGameStand’s Arcen Games promotion are A Valley Without Wind, which enhances side-scrolling platform adventure gameplay with a lot of customization. It is text-heavy and complex, but definitely worth a look for those who want to get more out of their Metroid-like games than running around shooting enemies.

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Our personal recommendation goes out to Skyward Collapse, a god game where the deities don’t control the landscape itself so much as the player tries to keep balance in the world. Two factions are at perpetual arms with each other and it’s the god’s duty to make sure not one side overpowers the other. This can be appended with different buildings, units and special deities that can cause massive damage. That, in turn, needs to be countered with another giant force in a tough back and forth mechanism.

Games sell for as low as a single buck and with the single price currency model, it’s also fair to European audiences. Watch the gameplay commentary for more info. Find the IndieGameStand Arcen Games sale here.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed (@Daavpuke)

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