The Original Pokémon Games Will Never Be Surpassed

Pokémon Red and Blue will always be the best Pokémon games ever made

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Feb 2016

Pokémon Red and Blue recently rereleased on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, allowing many of us to experience the acclaim title that we reimagined many times over. Since its release the Pokémon Red and Blue has been a phenomenal hit, with every game in the franchise taking elements from those original titles and implementing them into new and inventive ways. However despite all the new iterations and improvements Pokémon Red and Blue will never be usurped as the best Pokémon games ever.



Pokémon Red and Blue established the edifice for all Pokémon games today. The formula has remained the same, despite minor changes and improvements to the gameplay. Craft an ideal team using various different types of Pokémon available and battle trainers to prove your team’s worth. Since the release of the original set of games for the Gameboy every new version, whether for consoles or handhelds, have in some way remained loyal to this formula. 

Battles and capturing Pokémon haven’t changed much since Red and Blue. Yes new elements such as night and day cycles, weather conditions and breeding have changed how gamers collect Pokémon but it’s still collecting. You’re simply dedicating your time now to different methods of shoving creatures in small balls. Battle systems are the same as well, with the same type mechanics and rock-paper-scissors system making a return with small refinements such as holding items and double battles. It’s still the same system and it works, good for the developers for getting it right the first time around.


Catching Pokémon in Red and Blue offered the best challenge. Gamers had to not only find another person with a copy of the game but a link cable and the willingness to trade certain Pokémon, like the starting trio, to obtain all 150 creatures. This required a lot of dedication, as to acquire certain Pokémon required great risk to the other person. It’s was a worthy accomplishment to get all the Pokémon in the game back in the day, now it’s a waste of time to many.

What truly made the original Pokémon games memorable was all the secrets. Rumors regarding how to catch Mew, Missingno’s original identity and Pikachu’s evolution to Pikablu made gamers scour the environment for hope that these speculations were true. Many took steps to break the game using nefarious means, such as Game Genie and trading to gain access to HM moves needed to progress before the story allowed it. This dedication to uncover unproven secrets haven’t duplicated  successfully in any Pokémon that followed. The interest of attempting to get to that truck to see if Mew is really there wouldn’t be an enthralling challenge in today’s gaming world. Instead we are more likely to look for someone else attempting to debunk a rumor on YouTube than committing to finding out for ourselves.


Pokémon Red and Blue can never be surpassed because their success can’t be replicated. Establishing a new foundation that an entire series of games follow to this day, hidden secrets that created a sea of rumors that crossed the country when the internet was still young, and had one of the most profound achievements in all of video games without having to offer a reward for succeeding. Perhaps it’s best that Pokémon games remain loyal to the foundation built by the original games, it was a perfect platform for every game that followed.

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