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What are the best Xbox 360 games?

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 Apr 2016

Today Microsoft confirmed that they would cease all production for the Xbox 360. After turning 10 years old last November millions of gamers have enjoyed the many titles and services offered by the system. It was the first to pioneer Xbox Live Arcade, which was recently discovered as a feared platform when during its developed, and created the staple that would solidify Microsoft’s footprint in the gaming industry. So many games and many hours spent playing the Xbox 360, it seems fitting that we look back and list the top V games of the Xbox 360 era.


Fable II,Lionhead Studios,Microsoft Game Studios,NoobFeed,

Fable, along with Halo, were the two games the many looked forward to during the original Xbox era. It did disappoint many due to its short length and unfulfilled promised but Fable 2 addressed a lot of these issues. It had its faults but exploring new areas, outside from the main story, and seeing the story unfold based on your decisions encouraged multiple playthroughs. It may of not been the epic fantasy odyssey that Peter Molyneux described but it was still a great adventure worth investing into.


Alan Wake,NoobFeed,Remedy Entertainment,NoobFeed,

Quantum Break may of not been success I was hoping for but Alan Wake surely was. Entering the closed community of Bright Falls and facing off against the supernatural force known as The Dark Presence had me putting off playing Red Dead Redemption for days. Despite Remedy Entertainment’s obsession with Coffee Thermos going back to collect all the manuscript pages and listen to the story unfold had me extensively searching each area. It’s unfortunate that Alan Wake 2 was made into a downloadable title but I still have hope that this won’t be the last we see of Alan Wake.


Gears of War 3,NoobFeed,Epic Games,Microsoft,

A magnificent end to an acclaimed franchise, Gears of War 3 was everything fans wanted from the finale. The story had players exploring the ravaged landscape of a destroyed world, with friends. The  four-player cooperative play and dedicated servers made the entire multiplayer experience ideal. Beast mode alone, allowing players to control the Locust, was a brilliant idea that allowed players to destroy notorious characters from the Gears of War franchise. The only issue was attempting to unlock the Seriously 3.0. achievement. 


Halo: Reach,Bungie,Microsoft,NoobFeed,

I’m not a fan of prequels but like Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 decided to purchase Halo: Reach. As Bungie’s final game in the franchise they created Halo: Reach was a fantastic send off. Outlining the events that lead up to Master Chief’s trilogy Halo: Reach used detailed environments and strong writing to highlighted the threat the Covenant had to Humanity’s existence. Coupled with a fantastic multiplayer experience, I didn’t have this much fun playing a Halo game since Halo 2.


Mass Effect 2,BioWare,EA,NoobFeed,

First released on the Xbox 360 and eventually on Sony’s PS3 Mass Effect 2 was truly an outstanding sequel. First released on the Xbox 360 Mass Effect 2 continued Commander Shepard’s journey to stop the Reapers and save the Galaxy. The shooting mechanics were greatly enhanced and the Collectors made a phenomenal foe, but what truly made Mass Effect 2 excellent was the different ways you could play. I spent weeks replaying Mass Effect 2 just to see all the different Paragon and Renegade options available, trying different romance options, and completing loyalty missions with shocking consequences. It’s a shame that Mass Effect 3 didn’t deliver the same thrill that Mass Effect 2 did.

Don’t agree with our list tell us why in the comments below. Also tell us your favorite Xbox 360 game in the comments below.

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