Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 2 Predictions

What could Telltale have in store for Batman and Bruce Wayne in episode 2?

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Aug 2016

The latest episode of Batman: The Telltale series finished with a massive revelation. The once chase Wayne family doesn’t have a pure legacy, even their son was unaware of their relationship with the criminal activities of Gotham. Now faced with this knowledge Bruce has become distorted, wondering what was the point of creating the Batman or even if he should stand for justice. 

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Copperpot’s Rise and Bruce’s Downfall

During episode 1 Bruce reestablishes his relationship with an old friend, Oswald Copperpot. During this meeting Oswald warns Bruce of an upcoming plan of his, currently the plan is a mystery but judging from the preview of episode 2, which shows Oswald taking a photo of Falcone breaking bread with Bruce’s parents, he plans to destroy Bruce’s reputation. This is further supported in episode 3’s thumbnail, which shows Oswald standing outside Wayne industries in a full suit and smirking, and the summary stating “a new generation of supervillains rise to prominence and threaten to overturn the traditional institutions of power”. Oswald plans to regain his lost power when his family’s reputation and fortune plummeted and plans to break as many eggs as necessary to do so.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows

Harvey’s Betrayal

Whether Harvey will become the infamous Two-Face in this season hasn’t been hinted at, but Harvey did mention distancing himself from Bruce during this scandal during the preview of episode 2. Obviously winning this election is important to Harvey and distancing himself from Bruce would be prudent during this time of uncertainty. Despite Bruce being in the spotlight as an accomplice for Falcone its already clear that Harvey has a relationship with him. Inviting him to Bruce’s fundraiser wasn’t subtle as all.

Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 1: Realm of Shadows,NoobFeed,Batman: The Telltale Series,

Catwoman’s Employer is the Real Villain

One major plot reveal was that the hard drive Catwoman attempted to steal was encrypted with data from Carmine Falcone’s entire illegal operation. While Hill has been established as a corrupted Mayor by everyone perhaps seeing this as simple blackmail is too easy. According to the sniper at the warehouse they wanted the hard drive for Falcone, but not to destroy it but to find a specific container with explosive chemicals; chemicals that belong to Falcone.

To summarize everything someone Falcone didn’t know about the hard drive, someone else did, wanted it not for blackmail but to find these chemicals, and framed Falcone for the massacre. Chemicals that is inferred to cause psychological effects such as increased aggression and violent actions, like tearing someone’s face off with their bare hands. 

The best theory I can come up with about the identity of this mysterious villain is that they’re part of the GDPD. According to the henchman he assumed someone called the cops, but according to Bruce the “money, weapons, drugs. Everything flows through that port”. Strange that someone from a notoriously controlled criminal dock would call the cops.  

Have any theories of your own, let everyone know in the comments below what they are. Also tell me what you thought about the first episode of Batman: The Telltale Series, you can already tell that I loved it.

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