Why Rock Band instead of Guitar Hero?

The purpose of this topic is to compare the pros and cons of the two franchises and is also a bit of personal opinion.

By canana, Posted 15 May 2009

The purpose of this topic is to compare the pros and cons of the two franchises and is also a bit of personal opinion. Note that I refer many of the fun in that each song brings. I do a sort of mini review for each of the games (apart from the spin offs) to be more or less aware of what I mean. It also serves to be more intellectual...

Guitar Hero

Made by Harmonix, the first of the saga is considered the best ever by many. It was a huge innovation in the world of home consoles and reached over a million copies in the first 2 months, to a new IP is simply spectacular. The game is quite good, provided us a very nice setlist but unfortunately most were master recordings (my wish was to play with master recording panther: but it seems that neither the current generation of games can make a master recording of the panther , only the bonus songs. Despite being the game it is, I think the game was unfinished. The hammer-ons are not much, the difference between I and II is simply huge and the game ends up to make something short due to lack of online. The guitar, in my opinion is the best ever and there are still many people who remain faithful to the Gibson SG.

Guitar Hero II

It was a breath of fresh air for fans. Also produced by Harmonix. With the introduction of the DLC and Online Xbox 360 version, epic songs and a greater longevity, Guitar Hero II can be, in my opinion, the best game in the series. It is simply amazing as a setlist can be as fun to play, from the first tier where we start with Motley CRUE, until the last where we with Freebird. Hammer-Ons  improved, longevity increased, setlist and great fun guaranteed, both online and offline, Guitar Hero II can be the best game in the series throughout. Recommended to everyone.

Guitar Hero III

The weakest of the series, in my opinion. The game may have a large number of songs, but more than half of them can be quite drying, very. The Hammer-Ons have been improved, but in my opinion are ridiculously easy. Online has been improved, more DLC, and in the opinion of many, it appeared that the GHIII guitar , the Gibson Les Paul, is the best. I recommend you the III, because the II will always be the best, but if one or other music that makes you even buy this game, force is not bad, just there are better.

Rock Band

Another breath of fresh air for fans. The hype generated around this game was great, everybody had thought a game so it was all they dream of forming a band. The dream took place after Harmonix has sold its share to Neversoft's Guitar Hero, they got the formula for RI and produced a game completely improved in all respects. The DLC was constantly updated until the release of Rock Band 2. With the released over 300 DLCs, it was added a way of creation of character creation, the online has been improved with the inclusion of Band Quickplay, the setlist is as fun as the Guitar Hero II and of course, the fun is guaranteed at 4. The only drawback is that the hardware, the battery is weak and the guitar is not as robust as the Les Paul and for some, the Hammer-ons the same as Guitar Hero II may be a problem due to the habit of the III. Besides, no keyboard...

Rock Band 2

The improved version of Rock Band. The new additions to the game include improvements in the customization and creation of characters, new DLC every week, improvements in Career mode, addition of Challenges (which are more or less as achievements), improvements in online and include the Drum Trainer, which you allows any music playing in the battery while your Xbox MP3 Player is your music, adding a very interesting and much that increases the longevity of the game. The battery also has been improved and is more robust, and the guitar, but the GH can be higher. DLC over 500 songs in total. You can pass all the songs from Rock Band 1 for 2 for € 5, that if the disc 1. The online is very interesting, to merge with other people is very easy and there are always many players ready to play one or two songs, especially with Live. It's all about Rock Band 2, strongly recommended as the best of the genre.

Guitar Hero: World Tour

The game can be good, but Rock Band 2 is clearly better. The hammer-ons were improved, the introduction of the music studio despite being a bit complicated to use is interesting and allows downloading of songs created by other players. Still, the DLC is much smaller than the Rock Band 2 and therefore the longevity is lower, especially if they can not access Online (which is weak, allowing not see the marks / percentage of each player. In addition to other players also somewhat confusing and slow). If you like the game because of the Setlist, let me tell you that many of the GHWT songs are present in Rock Band 2.Overall, the Guitar Hero World Tour has fewer songs and less fun. My preference is definitely for Rock Band 2 due to its endless music catalog and its fun offline and online.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • I say Guitar Hero World Tour. Mainly because of the drums. I like them better than rockband's drums

    Posted May 31, 2009

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