The Evil Within 2 vs. Resident Evil 7, Who did it Better?

Which is the best survival-horror game of 2017?

By Grayshadow, Posted 25 Oct 2017

The survival-horror genre hasn't been the most sought-after projects within the triple-a market. However, this year we saw 2 incredible survival-horror games release, The Evil Within 2 and Resident Evil 7. Both games delivered solid single-player adventures full of deadly monsters, near-death situation, and terrifying moments that sent chills down the player's spine. Which is the better survival-horror game, does the reality-bending world of The Evil Within 2 triumph or did exploring the Baker's estate provide a much more frightening experience? 

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Gameplay and Characters

Resident Evil 7's first-person perspective isn't new, it was first implemented in Resident Evil Survivor, but the execution between the 2 games is night and day. Everything from the handling your weapons to running plays exceptionally well but what truly sold the experience was the Baker family. While protagonist Ethan was as bland as they come the Baker family was the exact opposite. Each one provided a new challenge to overcome such as the father acting like an unstoppable force, his wife a wandering bug-like hybrid waiting to pounce, and their son littering the environment with traps and deadly puzzles.

The Evil Within 2's gameplay is a definite improvement from the first game. Sneaking is much easier thanks to the new cover system and the removal of the black bars made seeing things simpler. The game was much more accessible than the first game where enemies carrying loaded weapons proved to be much more vexing than challenging. However, unlike Resident Evil 7 the characters were less memorable.

While you faced more adversaries the only one stood out, the serial killer artist Stefano Valentini. Everyone else, including the supporting cast, bled into the background and were easily forgotten unless required for a specific mission. Ruvik, even as a repeating antagonist, was able to capture the attention of the player thanks to his violent personality and dark persona.

The Bakers, even when killed, remained the highlight of the entire adventure and were cemented into the minds of everyone who played Resident Evil 7. While The Evil WIthin 2 was a definite improvement from the previous game's gameplay nothing really stood out like in Resident Evil 7.

Winner: Resident Evil 7

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While the characters in Resident Evil 7 easily overshadowed many of the figures in The Evil Within 2 the story did not. Resident Evil 7's story was pretty straightforward with very little variation from past games. You find a new plague infecting the people around you, causing them to act hostile, and it's later found out that a secret organization was responsible for its creation.

This isn't to say that The Evil Within 2 doesn't offer a truly original and gripping tale but like The Last of Us, its execution was what made the tale engaging. Unlike Resident Evil 7's Ethan Sebastian was much more fleshed out. Constantly enduring one hardship after another trying to find his daughter Lily while clearly overwhelmed by everything transpiring around him. What sold The Evil Within 2's story was the incredible soundtrack especially in the game's fantastic ending. It was easily one of the most emotional and satisfying endings I experienced since Dead Space 2.

Winner: The Evil Within 2

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Fear Factor

The primary reason many of us purchased either Resident Evil 7 or The Evil Within 2 was to get scared senseless. Unfortunately, both games provided equal levels of fright and uneasinesses. Both the Baker Family Estate and the world of Union had locations and adversaries straight out of a nightmare.

While exploring the world of Union the Lost provided a constant challenge due to their durability and relentlessness. As you progressed new terrors are constantly introduced that not only test your aim and preparation but fortitude. The game keeps this momentum throughout the adventure by providing new exciting locations to explore and unique enemies that complement the environment. 

For Resident Evil 7 it's the beginning half that has the most impact. While the latter half of the game does fall apart the opening sequences involving The Baker family was left a lasting impression that made them stables within the survival-horror genre. Although The Evil Within 2 kept a constant drive for the entirety of the game the fear generated from being hunted by one of the Bakers was never replicated in Sebastian's journey.

Winner: Tie

Which do you prefer and why? Are you a fan of the Baker's estate or does the world of Union provide the thrill you seek from a survival-horror game? Let us know in the comments below!

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