How to Break the Metal Blocks in Super Mario Odyssey

Noticed those Metal Blocks in Super Mario Odyssey, here's how you break them

By Grayshadow, Posted 27 Oct 2017

SPOILERS THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS INFORMATION PARAMOUNT TO SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY'S STORY.Playing through Super Mario Odyssey you probably noticed some unbreakable Metal Blocks a few times. If you wondered how to break them here's how.

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Once you beat the game and save Peach from Bowser a cutscene will play showing the massive ring Bowser stole breaking and releasing more metal blocks. After the credits roll you'll notice there's another image of these metal blocks being surrounding by frogs with top hats, turns out these are moon rocks.

Head back to any Kingdom and Cappy will direct you towards a block either by marking your map or following the light source. Throw Cappy at the block to release the Power Moons from within, these will add more moons for you to gather and even mark them on your maps. It's up to you to gather them all now.

Super Mario Odyssey is now available for Nintendo Switch.

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