Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - How to Defeat Ravus

Ravus wants revenge

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Dec 2017

Later on, in Episode Ignis, you'll have to fight Ravus, not enraged after the death of his sister. He wants nothing more than to kill Noctis but Ignis won't allow that.

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Ravus is strong and fast but lacks stamina. The key is to evade him and use Frostbird. The ice-elemental attack will slow Ravus down and stun him long enough for you to deal heavy destruction. Once on the floor use the Overclock technique to quickly burn Ravus before he gets up.

In severe condition, Ravus will go into Overdrive. He'll unleash an undodgeable lightening based attack that will leave you with low health. Recover and take things slow, do not rush in or he'll hit you with his combo lightening strike. Avoid Overclock and instead, use High Jump when available for heavy damage. He'll go down eventually.

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