Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis - How to Defeat Ardyn - Fight Back

Defeat Ardyn, for the moment

By Grayshadow, Posted 14 Dec 2017

Unlike the other 2 episodic series, Episode Ignis has the player deciding how they wish to end the DLC. If you choose to fight back you'll end up facing Ardyn with 

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In an attempt to protect Noctis Ignis will be granted the power of Insomnia's Crytal and use it to fight Ardyn. The battle is mostly streamlined, requiring you to stay alive and kill adds.

Ardyn won't use his full power but if the adds are not immediately destroyed they can overwhelm Ignis with ease. Destroy the adds as they begin to pour in and then focus all your attention on Ardyn. Once defeated the DLC will end.

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