The Vanishing of Ethan Carter - Case 9 Murder at the Dam

The Sleeper wants sacrifices

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jan 2018

You've survived the mines and now reached the dam of Red Creek. Inside the home, Paul seeks shelter but finds another dead body. This one is Ethan's father Dale.

This case is relatively simple. Head inside the home and head upstairs. Sense the broken door, followed by the body, and the pencil case. The pencil case will give you the location of the scissors, which is outside by the lift. Before you leave grab the ax on the floor and place it back in the case by the entrance. Head outside and head towards the lift, it's on the left of where you exit the home; look up and you should see the towering structure. Head towards it and grab the scissors, if you want to head back into town this lift will take you there.

Head back and place the scissors then sense the body to gain access to the visions. Wait for all the images to appear before leaving. Once they're visible unlock them all by heading outside and towards the mine. Here's the order.

1. Dale and Travis by mine
2. Travis Chasing Dale with ax
3. Dale falls to ground
4. Travis breaks door down with ax
5. Dale threatens Travis

Once done head into the dam and trigger the vision behind Travis and Ethan. Then turn the valve on the 2nd generator to reduce the flow of water. Afterwards head outside towards the house and cross the rock bridge closest to the house on the left.

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