Beginner Tips For Dragon Ball FighterZ

What you need to know when starting Dragon Ball FighterZ

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Jan 2018

Dragon Ball FighterZ biggest draws, other than the amazing graphics and a stellar cast of characters, is the high-speed combat and nuclear size energy blasts. At first glance, the game can seem intimidating as Arc System Work captures the speed and ferocity the anime and manga are known for. The game does sport a tutorial for beginners to gain an understanding of the basic mechanics but here are some tips that will help you before you even start. 

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Ki Management

Ki in Dragon Ball FighterZ allows you to execute the most powerful moves in the game. The power of your move determines how many bars of Ki you use with Vanish using 1 bar of Ki for example.

You build Ki by charging manually by pressing the light and special attack buttons at once or by landing hits. You can charge up to 7 bars of Ki. Don't waste all your Ki, instead save at least 2 bars for defensive purposes.

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Teamwork Makes The Dreamwork

Dragon Ball FighterZ is set up as a tag-team match with 1 fighter from each team facing off while the others wait their turn. However, they can temporary attack on the battlefield when called. Use the shoulder buttons for a quick assist attack, and hold it down to tag out. When swapped out the injured fighter can regain health.

The assist attack can support longer combos or chip away at your opponent's health. This does come at risk as assist fighters are vulnerable to attack when called. 

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Ultimate Z-Change Is Your Friend

Say you want to use Vegeta's Level 3 Super attack but he's not actively fighting. You can still call him to use his most powerful attack using the Ultimate Z-Change.

This technique calls your teammate to use their Super without changing characters. To perform this move the analog stick quarter circle right to use a level 1 Super. To perform a level 3 Super push the analog stick right and move it clockwise.

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Last Resort, Sparkling Blast

If you find yourself in trouble you can use your Sparkling Blast, but you can do this only once per battle. When triggered any health that can be recovered is regenerated at a faster pace, damage dealt is increased, and Vanish attack no long longer knocks your opponent aware from you.

The potency of Sparkling Blast depends on how many fighters you have left. Using it while all active fighters are still alive will greatly reduce its effectiveness. You can trigger this using RB and RT on Xbox One or R1 and R2 on PS4.

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Super Dash Counter

One of the most effective attacks is the Super Dash combo. First dash backward then use the Super Dash by pressing R2 or RT or by inputting special attack and heavy attack. You can easily combo it after it hits but it comes with a serious flaw, anti-air attacks.

Carefully timed anti-air attacks can count this move. By pressing down and heavy attack will instantly negate the Super Dash and leave the user open for further punishment.

Have any tips you're willing to share? Help your fellow Z Fighters by sharing them in the comments below!

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