Analyzing Kingdom Hearts 3's Latest Trailers

What's new about Kingdom Hearts 3?

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Feb 2018

Today new trailers for Kingdom Hearts 3 released and revealed a lot of new information regarding the game. New areas, characters, and combat mechanics were shown to showcase the game's development. Here are 6 we learned from the trailers.

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2 Assisting Characters

Unlike past Kingdom Hearts games where you choose to swap out one ally for another, one unique to the world you're in, you'll gain access to 2 special allies in each world you go into. In the trailer health bars for 2 characters are shown such as Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc.'s world and Buzz and Woody from when Sora was in Toy Story's world. Both Goofy and Donald were present in each fight across each world, which means you can bring the 2 world-specific characters without having to swap out Donald or Goofy.

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The Little Mermaid

Like in previous games The Little Mermaid's Ariel will join Sora on his latest adventure. It's unclear if we'll be visiting her world this time around but she'll be a new summon definitely. This is a first for Ariel to be featured in this way.

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New Special Attacks

Looks like Sora has gained new abilities while he was gone. These include a weapon called Mirage Staff which summons a tower that shoots energy blasts and shoot ricocheted blasts, giant hammer called Hyper Hammer, a special attack featuring Woody and Buzz called Rockey Ruckus, Twin Yoyos, summoning Dream Eaters from Dream Drop Distance and the Flow Motion mechanics from the same game.

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Laugh Meter

This is limited to Monsters Inc. world but it seems that Boo will play a role in combat. Similar to the movie it seems that her laughter will be used to generate power in the level. It's likely a similar system will be implemented in other worlds where special abilities unique to temporary allies are used.

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Return of Vanitas

The biggest reveal came in the reveal that Vanitas will be returning for Kingdom Hearts 3. After Ventus' heart once again Vanitas is searching to become whole and it seems that Sora was unaware of Ventus heart inside of him judging from his reaction.

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Riku's Other Half

One big reveal that came from the debut of Utada Hikaru latest song, "Don't Think Twice". Apparently, Riku has another half that he left his powerless Keyblade for. Who this person is a mystery but considering how many times Riku has used the power of darkness it's likely he split into 2.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to release in 2018 for Xbox One and PS4.

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