Far Cry 5: How to Defeat Joseph Seed

Eden's Gate will end here

By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Mar 2018

You've finally made it to where it all began. Joseph Seed is ready to fight or forgive. You can let go and leave with your friends or stay and fight. If you're reading this then you chose to fight, like me. Here's how you beat The Father.

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The Father isn't hard, it's your former allies that make this fight difficult. You have to put them down and revive them to knock the Bliss out of them.

First, shoot Joseph till he runs than focus on your allies. Knock as many to the ground as possible and revive 1 at a time. Trying to do it in the middle of fighting will lead to an early dead since you can still take damage while reviving.

If you met with Tweak and got the drugs that aid in speed, combat, and defense use them. They'll make the battle much easier.

You'll do this for 3 sections before Joseph falls and Eden's Gate with him.

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