Far Cry 5 - Ghost Kill Achievement Guide

Become a skilled marksman

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 Apr 2018

Far Cry 5's Ghost Kill achievement is one of the easier achievements to get in the game if you know how. The achievement requires you to land a headshot from 150m away with a bow or rifle, here's the best way to do this.

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First, you need to get the AR-CL with a Marksman Adv-X Scope for $1600. This is the easiest weapon to get it. The best place to find a target within 150m away is in Faith's Region at the Sacred Skies Youth Camp. 

Head to the location on the map above, overlooking the outpost, and look for the target on the roof. Any target will work but he's the best one and make sure the marker has the distance above 150 or it won't unlock. If you fail fast travel to the location again to reset the process.

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