Owlboy Boss 2 – Dirk and Alphonse Strategy

The pirate duo

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2018

Now things are getting difficult. This is your first fight against the pirates and they’re not going down without easily. Here’s how to beat them. Located at 1:07 in the video.

First, Alphonse will fly around using his shotgun to blast you and Geddy. Keep your distance and shoot when in range. Alphonse is on a timer and his shots follow a spread pattern that can be dodged if you’re far enough. Once he takes enough damage Dirk will use the cannon to attack.

Head to the middle of the roof and remain there until he fires the cannon. This will cause a chunk of rock to fall down. The battle will continue this pattern 3 times, with each part adding another spread to Alphonse and another shot to Dirk’s cannon. Simply repeat the same strategy to win.

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