Owlboy Boss 6 – Eletro Golem Strategy

Get ready for a challenge

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2018

One of the hardest fights in the game comes in the middle. The Electro Golem is no easy foe but can be defeated if you know how. Skip to 10:13 in the video below.

The fight begins simple enough, shoot the helmet and avoid the creature’s arms, electric balls, and hopping around. The balls come vertically and the golem hops from side to side. Remain on the opposite side of the room and dodge to orbs to ensure survival. When the helmet gets knocked off hit the switch on top until it explodes.

When it does the monster is vulnerable to all damage but will attack with increased speed. Attack with the same strategy until the third phase begins. You’ll know this when the beast starts angrily hopping around aggressively.

Now you’ll see panels that light up on the upper-sides of the room. Lure the creature to attack it uses its arms by flying next to them. Do this with both panels to kill it.

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