Owlboy Boss 8 - Giant Worm Strategy

A giant fire-breathing rock worm, why not

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2018

The Giant Worm is the most difficult boss fight in Owlboy, and for good reason. It’s a giant rock worm full of lava. Here’s how to beat it. Skip to 15:43 in the video below.

The worm has 3 major attacks:

  1. A charge which is dashes into the ground before emerging from the rock
  2. Throwing rocks at you
  3. Flamethrower

When the worm starts tunneling look for where the ground is being thrown into the air, this is where the creature is coming from. The worm will either attack in an ark if it’s coming from the ground, or in a horizontal series of dashes if from the side. Aim for the head to inflict damage or avoid it altogether. It’ll usually face you with its armored half pointed towards you.

When it emerges from the ground it’ll start with a headbutt so keep your distance. You can fly overhead and hit it with a shotgun blast but dash to the opposite side of the room quickly. Head to the corner to avoid being damaged.

Before heading underground and repeating the process it’ll fire a high-powered flamethrower. Do not head low and towards its body, head up and over its head to avoid being damaged and to hit it. Once it’s dead you latch onto its body for one ride, survive the rodeo and you’ll beat the worm.

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