Owlboy Boss 9 – Dirk Strategy

Fight Alphonse’s former partner

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2018

Dirk is Alphonse’s former ally and wants nothing more than revenge for Alphonse’s betrayal. Here’s how you beat one of the most powerful pirates in the game. Skip to 20:27 in the video below.

Dirk will dash to one side of the room and start throwing daggers. You remain on the opposite side and use Twig to knock the daggers away. When Dirk reaches the ground, he’ll dash to the other side and do the same, you then dodge to the wall he was at with Twig’s grapple and following the same tactic.

After using the dagger attack Dirk will start charging for a massive swing. Once he reaches maximum charge, symbolized by white circle coming from his body, dodge and use Alphonse’s shotgun to inflict damage.

In the 3 and final phase, Dirk will go berserk and start throwing daggers while dashing across the screen. When Dirk dashes use Twig’s grapple to move to the opposite side, the animations will keep you from damage when in mid-grapple. Wait for one last charge attack and finish Dirk off with a shotgun blast.

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