Owlboy - Final Boss Strategy

How to beat the final boss

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Apr 2018

The final battle with Solus is huge and requires all of your friends. Solus may have the power of the relics but he’s alone and you’re not. Here’s how to defeat the lone warriors. Skip to 23:40 in the video below.

Solus has 3 relics, each one requires one of Otus’ friends to knock off using their attacks. Once one is knocked off switch to another.

Solus has several attacks that each have a counter. His tornado attack can be countered with Twig’s grapple. When he summons an Owl statue, use the predetermined paths highlight by purple lines to avoid being damaged.

In the second phase, Solus will transport you to another dimension. Unlike the previous fight here you can use any type of attack. So, go wild.

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