God of War PS4 - Daudi Kaupmadr Boss Fight #1 - Give Me God of War Hard Difficulty Strategy

How to defeat the first boss of God of War on the hardest difficulty

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Apr 2018

The first boss in God of War is a big one. After a successful hunt, Kratos and Atreus find them against a massive troll. Here's how to defeat him.

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Daudi has 3 primary attacks, a vertical slam that hits everything in front, a sideways thrust, and a stomp. The key to defeating Daudi is to remain at his back. He'll stomp when you start attacking but you can get in a few swings before he does this. You can throw your ax but it won't do much notable damage, only melee attacks will work.

Remain at its back and Daudi will eventually fall.

If you need health there's an orb at the back cliff by the fire, it shines a green color.

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