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By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Apr 2018

The next fight in Kratos adventure isn't a mystical beast but a human, someone who knows who Kratos really is. Unwilling to leave his home Kratos has to teach this stranger a lesson. Here's how to defeat The Stranger.

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The Stranger has one big tell when he's about the attack, he'll glow blue. When he does dodge or use your shield to defend. When he's off-balance attack either with the ax or bare-fisted.

When he's about to ground pound circle around using your roll. This attack does heavy damage in front of him but can be easily avoided. However, don't get cocky and keep attacking or he'll punch you back. This won't do a lot of damage but it can chip away at your health if you keep repeating the same mistake.

If he dashes away The Stranger will charge forward with a straight punch. Like always he'll glow blue before attacking, roll to the side and counter-attack. If you time it right you can use your shield to stun him.

The second part of the fight, after Kratos taps into his Spartan Rage, is fairly straightforward. Pummel the stranger till the rage ceases and follow the same strategy as below. Block when The Stranger glows blue and counterattack. 

The third part will be more hectic. Now he'll increase his speed and use an aerial attack, jumping up and slam down in the area Kratos was in before he jumped. Keep up the assault and eventually, Kratos will make The Stranger feel something.

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