Brenna Daudi and Daudi Kaupmadr may both be trolls but the developers have programmed each troll to fight differently. With more enemies and new tactics to contend with.

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First off, adds will begin to randomly spawn. They'll come after you and their health bars are easy to spot. They have to be killed immediately or they'll overwhelm you. Use Atreus to keep Brenna distracted while you take care of the adds. Circle the environment to search for the animated corpses or they'll slowly get stronger. If they happen to be by the troll you can throw your ax to take them down. They can also drop health.

Brenna will use the same tactics as the previous troll with a new attack. It can spray a fire-like attack in front of it. When he's able to use this attack he'll look at his hand and it'll start glowing a reddish hue. To avoid this either roll back to get out of range to try to get to the troll's back. You can also use the environment to block the attack. 

The next attack Brenna will use is an overhead swing. Just before it the troll will roar then lift its weapon before swinging constantly in your direction. It'll swing 6 times before getting tired, this is when you can strike.

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