Hraezlyr is big, intimidating, and powerful. However, it's not unbeatable. Kratos has built a career on killing the impossible and a dragon is nothing he can't handle.

God of War,Sony,God of War PS4,Hraezlyr God of War,

The fight begins with you performing some dental work on Hraezlyr before the real fight begins. Immediately head right and grab the sap from the broken tree before Hraezlyr attacks. Hraezlyr will just electric-based abilities, the most notable being when it shoots energy into the sky and it comes hurling down. To avoid this don't stand on the ground where electricity is pulsing. Hurl the sap until the dragon gets stunned but don't stay far enough that you don't get hurt when its head slams on the ground. This is Give Me God of War and it'll do major damage. Strike the open wound till Hraezlyr gets up and switches sides, avoid being hit by staying on the side. Hraezlyr will do this each time it's stunned.

Now, Hraezlyr will either perform a lightning breath that hits in a line or slam its claw down. During each phase attack its claws to force it to use the electric attacks. The breath is easy enough to dodge, predict the path based on where the dragon is targeting. The claw is a bit harder when it attacks the camera will focus on Hraezlyr as it lifts its claw, dash back to get out of reach and counterattack by hitting the claw. If it follows up dragging its claw across the field stay back.

God of War,Sony,God of War PS4,Hraezlyr God of War,

Hraezlyr's most annoying attack is an AOE slam. This causes a shockwave that does damage all around. The difficult part is that Hraezlyr is quick when it does this, lifting its entire body up before slamming down. Use your shield to block it and follow up with attacks on the claws. Do all this while reloading on sap and hurling it at Hraezlyr. The sap will only work when the dragon uses its electric attacks. If you need health orbs will appear on the field each time Hraezlyr gets stunned.

During the mid-fight, Hraezlyr will start shooting lightning into the sky again and use its breath attack much closer to its body. Simply keep up the assault using the sap until the cutscene plays and follow the QTE.

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