Mattugr Helson looks like a troll but this isn't like the other troll fights. Helson has supernatural powers but Kratos is equipped to handle it, especially with his Blades of Chaos.

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The most notable skill in Helson's arsenal is his teleportation ability. When Helson disappears his body will slightly appear before attacking. Helson will mimic the attacks of previous trolls along with a variation of the Brenna Daudi's fire spread attack, instead, Helson shoots a long-range icicle attack that can be avoided by rolling to the side. Like the other trolls, Helson is weak from the back but when he teleports leaves behind an orb that can do damage and hone onto Kratos. If it does run away till it disappears.

When Helson teleports to the corner of the arena he'll perform an energy blast on the ground. This ripple effect leaves an opening that Kratos must move between to avoid damage. You can use your shield but the attack will leave Kratos open for additional damage. Once finished Helson will remain stationary for a small amount of time. before teleporting away.

Halfway through Helson will summon adds to aid in the fight. Take them out quickly before focusing on Helson or they'll overwhelm you, they also drop health orbs. Keep up the assault and eventually, the bridge guardian will fall.

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