Baldur is back and wants nothing more than revenge and Kratos dead. Here's how you finally stop the immortal.

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The first part of the fight plays like the first time we encountered Baldur. However, this time it's entirely scripted. Just avoid Baldur's attacks, such when he turns blue, and counter-attack until Freya restrains you 2 times.

The second part of the fight is where the real battle begins. The first portion plays like the normal, with Baldur using dashes and quick strikes. Counter with your shield, or dodge and attack, until the cutscene triggers.

Baldur will now activate his full power, making it harder to read his attacks since he's now completely blue all the time. Equipped your Blades of Chaos and use their range to maintain distance from Baldur. 

He'll have 3 major attacks this time around. Baldur will summon icicles that will launch towards Kratos, a blast that originates from his location and shoots towards Kratos from the ground in a single-line, and finally a blast to push Kratos away. The latter 2 can be evaded by dodging away and to the side. The icicles must be blocked using the shield. Baldur will sometimes punch, dashing forward with 2 strikes following a leaping third punch. Block the first 2 then time the third to parry and stun him.

Keep up the assault until the QTE plays out. Then the third part will begin.

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Now imbued with fire Baldur will attack with a similar pattern but now with help. Using the Blades of Chaos kills off the adds quickly and pummel Baldur. Baldur will use the same attacks along with the aerial leap, look at the ground to avoid the impact zone which is highlight by a circle of fire. Keep up the attack until next part which is a series of QTE.

Now begins the final part. Use Spartan Rage to inflicts as much damage as possible. Baldur will switch between fire and ice but use the same attacks. Use the same tactics explained earlier to finally put Baldur down.

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