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How to get the best armor in God of War

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Apr 2018

God of War has a large assortment of armors but the best armor is Mist armor from The Realm of Fog. There different types of level 7 armor you can buy, the strongest starting armor set before upgrading. Each one has their own stats but gathering the entire set will yield a strong regenerative health boost based on how many you have equipped. Here's how to get them.

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First, you need to find all 4 pieces of the Niflheim Ciphers that are locked in purple chests with masks in front. These can be obtained easily during the story mission Return to the Summit which has you encountering 4 chests after this point that don't require any future abilities. Other chests are available in the world but require items that you'll obtain later in the game. Once you get all 4 the remaining chests will provide new items instead of ciphers.

The first chest is located at the end of the mission when you reach the summit. Follow the story till you reach the mission A Path To Jotunheim where you flip the temple. You'll find 2 chests in the trap rooms. The first is in the room guarded by 3 spinning blade traps and the second is right of the elevator by the crushing spike traps. The final chest is located within the World Serpent directly behind the chest that holds Mimir's eye.

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Go to the realm travel room to head into the new area. Here you'll find toxic fog that kills you over time and Ivaldi's workshop which houses the most powerful armor in the game. Sindri is also here and will craft a key but needs 500 Mist Echos. Head past Sindri and collect the first set of Mist Echos found in the chests. Bank what you've collected and don't head any further if you die you lose everything.

Once instead you'll get the pieces of Ivaldi's rusted armor. Now you need head back into the mist to gather the resources. You can craft 3 sets of chest, waist, and wrist armor. Once crafted the materials needed to upgrade the sets can be found in the mist but be sure to bank what you've found to avoid losing precious resources. Smouldering Embers and Greater Chest of Flame can be found in Muspelheim and Pristine Scales of the Realm and Pristine Dust of the Realm which is found in the Light Elf Outpost and Stonefalls in Midgard. 

Chest pieces upgrade require:

20500 Hacksilver
9000 Mist Echoes
5 Nilheim Alloy
5 Haze Weaves
100 Smouldering Embers

Waist and Wrist upgrades require:

15400 Hacksilver
7000 Mist Echoes
3 Haze Weav
1 Aesirbane
5 Greater Crest of the Flame
Wrist: Pristine Scales
Waist: Pristine Dust

Since the absurd demand for these items, your best option is to pick one set and upgrade that.

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