God of War - How To Get The Muspelheim Armor

Get the burning armor of Muspelheim

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Apr 2018

God of War has a lot of different armor such as Valkyrie armor for beating Valkryies and Mist armor which offers regeneration. The Musepelheim armor has 3 different sets each which have different ways to activate a flaming effect. The Fallen Ash set inflicts a concussion flame blast, the Magma set creates a shield that causes damage to attackers and prevents interruptions and Blazing Aura increases strength and regenerates a small amount of health. The more of each set you have equipped the better chance the effect will trigger. It starts off as level 4 armor but can be upgraded to level 8 armor but the resource requirements are high. 

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First off you'll need to find all the Muspelheim ciphers to gain access to the area. These are found in a purple chest with masks on the front. The best way to obtain chests is to wait until the Lake of Nina drops 2 levels and opens the area for exploration. You'll find the first chest is at the forgotten cavern to the left of a wayward spirit. The second is found in the Cliff of the Raven. Another one is found in the story mission Path to the Mountain during the second portion called Pass Through the Tower and Cave. The third can be found during the story mission Light of the Alfheim Find A Way To The Light. It's on the right when you first reach the water.

Head to Muspelheim and you'll find Brok who can make the armor but needs Smouldering Embers. Each trial that gives you the embers enforces a different handicap such as enemies regenerating health or not taking any damage. There are 5 challenges with the final 6th being a fight against a Valkyrie.

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Once completed you can now earn keys are the summit called Surtr's Hidden Trials. You need only 3 keys so stick to trails you know you can win. For any resources needed to upgrade the armor check the resource tab to find their location. So now get out there find that legendary Muspelheim armor.

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