Let's Predict - God of War 2 PS4

What will happen next for Kratos?

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Apr 2018

This article contains spoilers for God of War PS4, you have been warned.

The end of God of War left open a lot of unanswered questions and room for more adventures. With Kratos and Atreus now fully established in the world the gods have taken notice of their actions and consequences of their activities will surely follow. Here are our predictions for God of War 2 PS4 and of course spoilers ahead.

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Asgard's Revenge

Kratos has done a lot of damage to Odin's part of the world. Freeing the Valkryies, killing Thor's sons, and so much more. During the secret ending, we learn that Thor is plotting revenge against Kratos and Atreus and it's safe to say that Odin is as well. We know that both the Alfather and the Thunder God are proud warriors with a thirst for blood. Kratos may be a god killer but Asgard isn't Olympus and we can expect one huge battle between families.

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 Santa Monica's Ragnarok

We learn during the main campaign that Odin is looking to survive Ragnarok, a series of future events that will result in the death of major figures. However, we should expect the developers to have their own take on the event. We learned that Tyr was traveling to other worlds, not just realms, and painted the same symbol of war for Greece, Egypt, and Midgard which could mean that other gods could take part in Ragnarok. This may be a stretch but God of War open the doors to other worlds and other gods, not just Greece.

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Freya's Revenge

At the end of the game, Kratos kills Baldur and the only thing Freya valued in the world. Banished and condemned by her homeland, forced to live in Midgard, and robbed of her warrior spirit Freya was willing to die for her son and it's clear that she intends to make Kratos suffer. Without anything to live for, I would argue that Freya will attempt to strike a deal with Odin to aid in her retribution. After all, she has nothing in this world now and only desires revenge.

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Kratos' Death

No doubt the ending of God of War had several major reveals. However, the biggest was the final part of the prophecy that indicated that Kratos dying in Atreus' arms while his energy is being absorbed by his son. This could indicate that Santa Monica intends to pass the torch from Kratos to Atreus as the new star of the God of War franchise. Kratos is old and has died several times during his adventures, perhaps the old god is growing tired of living.

What are your predictions for the next God of War, let us know in the comments below.

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