Red Dead Redemption Trailer 3 Breakdown

What did we learn from Red Dead Redemption 2

By Grayshadow, Posted 02 May 2018

Red Dead Redemption 2 has a new trailer that reveals a lot of information. If you missed it we're here to highlight the important parts.

First, a short summary. Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't a sequel but a prequel to Red Dead Redemption set in 1899. Players won't be taking control of John Marston but instead, Arthur Morgan, another member of the Van der Linde gang who stole, killed and embodied the western myth of the American wild west.

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John Marston Is Here

This may not be John Marston's story but the trailer has confirmed that he'll be part of the adventure. This shouldn't come as a surprise seeing that his role in Dutch's gang was the entire reason for Red Dead Redemption. Drafted by the U.S. government to hunt down his former partners in crime in exchange for his freedom. The trailer, however, doesn't show the same gritty and experienced outlaw from the original game but instead a novice who Arthur seems to rescue. 

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Arthur and Dutch's Falling Out

We see early on in the trailer, and in the description, that Arthur is aware that the western myths and ideology is dying. However, Dutch refuses to accept this to Arthur's disarray. This is likely going to lead to strains between survival and loyalty as the trailer does showcase the gang's loyalty to Dutch.

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We do get to see Bill Williamson, known for his folded hat, which could lead to a collaboration between both Dutch and Arthur's gang to survive the upcoming assaults.

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Horse Taming Returns

It was quick but you can see what seems to be Arthur attempting to rope tie a horse. For those unaware of the first game players could capture and tame horses and it seems that feature will be returning in Red Dead Redemption 2.

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Optional Shows

In past Rockstar games players could see movies and take on shows. It seems that Red Dead Redemption 2 as well but on a larger scale. With NPCs all around.

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Arthur's Mistakes

Throughout the trailer, a heavy emphasis is put on fire. In both the first and second trailer, in addition to the description, Rockstar infers that this robbery that went wrong led to a fire that destroyed an entire town and killed innocent people. In trailer 3 we see that Arthur regrets something according to his body language after a person states "Sometimes, brothers make mistakes". Inferring that Arthur regrets something he's done.

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Edger Ross Returns

Since this is a prequel we're going to see characters from the first game in a younger state. One character that looks familiar is this marshall who seems to be the one leading the charge against the gangs. The person standing on his right looks a lot like Edger Ross who played a vital role in John Marston's journey. He looks younger and it makes sense for him to be part of this adventure seeing his involvement to get the mission done in Red Dead Redemption after his superior dies.

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Fight Club

In addition to shows, it seems that Fight Clubs will be part of the game's optional activities. The fighters have their shirts off and people are cheering.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on October 26th for Xbox One and PS4.

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