SoulCalibur VI

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SoulCalibur VI Xbox One X Review

SoulCalibur VI is one of the strongest installments in the franchise and one that fighting gamers of all skill levels can enjoy.

by Grayshadow, 21 Oct 2018

The SoulCalibur franchise built its notorious reputation on weapon-based combat and legendary warriors modeled after pirates, knights, and more. The simple struggle between good and evil created a solid edifice that manifested into one of the most acclaimed fighting tit...

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SoulCalibur VI - NYCC 2018 Hands-On Preview

SoulCalibur VI recaptures the original games and delivers a deeply enriching combat system that we had to the chance to play at NYCC 2018

by Grayshadow, 08 Oct 2018

SoulCalibur VI is one of the most beloved fighting game franchises of all time. Focusing on weapon-based combat players would choose from an array of deadly characters, each a master of their own style and weapon. SoulCalibur VI recaptures the original games and de...

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General Information

Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Bandai Namco Entertainment
Developer(s): Project Soul
Genres: Fighter
Themes: Fantasy
Release Date: 2018