Octopath Traveler

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Octopath Traveler PC Review

Octopath Traveler is an RPG fans dream come true.

by Grayshadow, 09 Jun 2019

Octopath Traveler doesn't attempt to be more than it is. A JRPG with a heavy focus on narrative and character development. All within a beautifully decorated 2D world that constantly provides new exciting locations to uncover. It does come with the issues that RPGs suffe...

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Octopath Traveler Nintendo Switch Review

Octopath Traveler won't win over any new fans but those who love JRPGs will find more than enough reasons to continue playing till the end

by Grayshadow, 19 Jul 2018

Octopath Traveler uses 2D sprites and low-resolution 3D models to create an RPG that faithfully combines retro and modern aspects in many ways. The graphics create a distinctive atmosphere that is complemented by artistic touches that bring every town, character, a...

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    Best Games of the Month, July 2018

    By Grayshadow, Posted 31 Jul 2018

    July is almost over and August will begin this week. Throughout the month we had a lot of strong releases but some stood out over others. Here are the best games of July 2018.

General Information

Platform(s): Switch, PC
Publisher(s): Square Enix, Nintendo
Developer(s): Square Enix, Acquire
Genres: Role-Playing
Themes: Fantasy
Release Date: 2018-08-13

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