Weird West

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Weird West PC Review

Weird West is one of the rare role-playing games where players genuinely change the environment with their actions and choices and a fantastic journey full of exciting fighting and thrill.

by Rayan, 09 Apr 2022

Raphael Colantonio left Arkane Studios in 2017 after 18 years as head of the studio, with notable hits like Dishonored and Prey to show for it. WolfEye Studios was born due to his collaboration with Arkane producer Julien Roby. While it's realistic to anticipate a certain deg...

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Weird West


Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
Publisher(s): Devolver Digital
Developer(s): WolfEye Studios, Raphaël Colantonio
Genres: Role-Playing
Themes: Fantasy, Shooter, Action, Adventure
Release Date: 2022-03-31

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