Terraria Mobile Update Detailed

New update available for Terraria on mobile

By Grayshadow, Posted 28 Apr 2020

Terraria on mobile has a new update. Fixing controller support problems, bug issues, and making navigation much easier on the menus.


The update is detailed below:

If your controller does not have bindings already setup in the game system, but is detected on your device and the game can see it, you should now be able bind the keys to enable you to play with your gamepad.

Tap on: Settings and open the Controller category.

Tap on: Setup Controller Hardware to open up the binding menu.


If your device is detecting multiple controllers which are unsupported you can choose the device you wish to set up from this dropdown

Button Styles:

If the button style selected does not match your gamepad, choose the buttons that match your connected gamepad


This menu it navigated by touching the button line and then tapping the button on your controller until it displays BOUND

If you accidentally bind a button incorrectly, you can tap it again and either select the Unbind button it or choose a different button to change it.


Required button bindings for the game to function on a gamepad

One Axis, ie:

Left Stick OR Right Stick OR D-Pad

Four Face Buttons ie:

A/B/X/Y OR Cross/Circle/Square/Triangle

Two Shoulder Buttons, ie:


Open Settings Button ie:

Menu OR Options

If you only set up the minimum, you will need to customise your controls as the pre-set controller bindings expect the full list of buttons bound.


Fixed! Stick clicks for controllers on iOS are now supported!

Fixed a crash when opening NPC Shops/Hairdresser/Reforge when inventory is full and coins cannot be split.

Fixed! Modifiers are no longer lost when switching equipment from vanity slots

Fixed! Staircases no longer display over top of floors

Fixed! The small graphical glitch when changing the Graphics Quality to and from High and Low

Fixed! The Sun/Moon can again be dragged on touch â˜€ðŸŒ”

Fixed! Dragging the Sun now makes the background to move left or right depending on sun's location

Fixed! Signs and Tombstones no longer interfere with the multiplayer chat notifications or prevent chat from being opened

Fixed! The Controller banner visibility setting from not being saved between sessions

Fixed! PS4 V2 controllers connected to Android 8 and below should be working better.

Fixed! Some items were displayed too big for the touch controls

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