Ex-Overwatch League Dafran Banned Again, From Valorant Tournament This Time

Streamer and ex-Overwatch League player Dafran, has run afoul of another game.

By Daavpuke, Posted 17 May 2020

Daniel Francesca, better known as streamer and ex-Overwatch League player Dafran, has run afoul of another game. In a tournament held by French organization Solary, for the game Valorant, Francesca was banned after a dispute over play times in the event.

Dafran, Banned, Valorant Tournament

The confusion was created by starting times for the game Dafran was set to play in. These timestamps were different on Liquipedia, the go-to esports site, than they were on a Discord channel for the tournament. In the subsequent misunderstanding, Dafran lashed out at Solary and player Hyp, also ex-Overwatch League, which led to the organization stating Dafran would be banned "for life" from any of their events. Dafran, not known to mince words, responded in kind: 


Suck my ball sack. Joke of a tournament and organization. Hyp and his team of washed up OW players too scared to play. Bunch of bitches. Hf with ur dog shit https://t.co/eph44t3YcI

— dafran (@dafran) May 16, 2020

Dafran is hardly new to getting banned. During their Overwatch fame, their account was banned for ruining games, as well as inciting their community to do the same, sometimes even targeting specific people, and sometimes he went as far as doing valorant boosting. The player later revealed their account was permanently banned, not only in Overwatch, but other Blizzard games like World of Warcraft. Despite the sanctions, Francesca was later announced as a player for Atlanta Reign and they were instrumental in now-legendary plays in the Overwatch League. Shortly after their signing, Dafran took a step back from the stage to focus on content creation.

In another recent ban, this time from Twitch, Francesca mentioned they got suspended for hate speech towards French people. Naturally, this recent story once more involving French people is hitting a nerve among the gaming and viewer community.

Valorant, from League of Legends creators Riot Games, is a shooter inspired by Counter-Strike, currently in Beta. Daniel Francesca is still active as a streamer for the Overwatch League team, Atlanta Reign. We have contacted both Atlanta Reign and Twitch for comment.

Is this outburst from Dafran too much or is this business as usual and should an organization expect it, if they invite the player? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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