Valorant Launches on June 2nd, Closed Beta Ending May 28th

Riot Games next huge project launches this June 2nd

By Grayshadow, Posted 21 May 2020

Riot Games has been hosting the Valorant closed beta for a while now but those hoping to dive into the game can do so this June 2nd when the game goes live. With the closed beta ending this May 28th.

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Valorant is a competitive FPS with heroes similar to Overwatch but fast gunplay similar to Counter-Strike. The closed-beta has been very popular since obtaining a key from a sponsored streamer was incredibly difficult.

The game will launch with a new game mode, Agent, and a map. This could be some variation of deathmatch and the possible map could be Ascent, which was previously leaked. 

Currently, Valorant has many issues with cheaters and its anti-cheating software. With many voicing concerns with the level of access the game's software is given to the player's computer. With one user stating the game shut-off his liquid cooler

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