Pokémon Rival Being Released for PS4, Xbox One, Steam and Switch This Summer

Will Nexomon: Extinction prove to be a viable competitor to the Pokémon franchise?

By JakeJeremy, Posted 22 May 2020

A potential rival to the behemoth that is Pokémon will be released this Summer. Nexomon: Extinction is a new title from developer Vewo Interactive and is slated for release this Summer.

The original announcement for the game indicated that it would be released on the Nintendo Switch at some point this year (this was back in January) and although we don't yet have an official date 'Summer' is at least narrows the timeframe.

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In a move that will please Pokémon fans who don't own a Switch, Nexomon: Extinction will be coming to not just the Switch, but also PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Vewo Interactive confirmed that the game will feature a "colorful cast" and "over 300 Nexomon to catch." 

The game is being promised as "a return to classic monster catching games," which seemingly is a shot at Pokemon and the more recent titles in the iconic series that aren't quite in-keeping with the original classic Gameboy titles.

Could this really be a challenger to one of the biggest franchises in the world?

Jake Skudder, Editor, NoobFeed
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