PS4 Has Won This Generation. Why Is that?

Why there is no debate that Sony has beat Microsoft, for now.

By Kaz, Posted 05 Jun 2020

A tale as old as time, if it wasn’t Microsoft and Sony it would still be Sega and Nintendo, perhaps in an alternate universe that’s possible, but after Sega failed to maintain relevance in the early 2000s, and Nintendo went off to do weird things with motion control. We were left with a rivalry like little else as people choice there sides and once chosen people rarely change, I can confidently say the only reason that the Xbox one succeeded this year is because of Microsoft’s past successes with the Xbox 360. But there is only a certain point there past successes can lead you and when it came down to it, this generations Ps4 simply sold better than its counterpart. As I will go on to explain, the cards were stacked against Microsoft from the start, and while they were still living on from past glories, and “being the console that your friends have” Sony was changing and for the better.

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Nobody can deny the one-two punch during that fateful 2013 E3. But I have a feeling its a little more complicated than just Sony putting there best foot forward instead of Microsoft falling down the stairs and hurting themselves. People have gone on and on about the exclusives that the PlayStation has over the Xbox, and that they are better and there are more of them, this could change as we have seen all the developers the Xbox brand has been taking in, but money being thrown around doesn’t mean good games. Another plus of the PS4 is as a Japanese company they are open to a wider range of games, and as the popularity of Anime increased in the west, Sony was there to provide them with a wide range of games on the platform, Persona 5 and Cathrine: Full Body has die-hard fans that its console counterpart simply doesn’t have. So very rarely I hear “I am so excited for this Xbox exclusive.” Because even in their E3 conferences they have to supplement their announcements with multiplatform games, which does get a lot of eyes on their brand but it’s sad to say that doesn’t translate to sales or support for the system. The reason the PS2 was the highest-selling console was that it was easy for third-party developers to make games for it, and I feel like that hasn’t been lost in the PS4.

The few benefits I hear for the Xbox One is there video game subscription, Xbox Game Pass, plenty of new and old games a click away. It is compared to the subscription service of the PS4 being PS Plus, and I understand that this service is great for the consumer but with that being the only ace up there sleeve it doesn’t save the console when so many things are stacked against it. In my opinion, the debate between which one has won this generation doesn’t have two legs to stand on. The PS4 has won, but the future is still to be decided, it is very possible that in the upcoming generation Xbox will pull through, but I for one will be excited to see what happens this year. Currently, I am leaning towards the idea of another Sony victory as I don’t see Microsoft changing enough to win, innovation and change leads to a better industry. And hopefully, from a better industry, Sony can continue to make unique games that millions enjoy across the world but on the other hand, the competition also makes for change and without it, there would simply be complacency so I welcome the Xbox challenge.

Archil Ninua,
Junior Editor, NoobFeed

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