No Man's Sky Patch 2.54 Now Available, Addressing Cross-Play Issues

New patch available for No Man's Sky

By Grayshadow, Posted 18 Jun 2020

Recently, cross-play came to the popular space exploration title No Man's Sky but it has some issues. Problems that Hello Games is working on and have a new patch hopefully fixing them.

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The patch will fix PS4 crashes, system-level messages will now appear in the chat screen, throttling issue with PC, and much more.

No Man's Sky is now available for PS4, PC, and Xbox One. It's also available on Xbox Game Pass for a limited time.

Patch Notes

Fixed an issue that caused PS4 players to crash when ambiently matchmaking with players from a different platform.

On consoles, fixed a crash that could occur when NPC pilots get into their ships to take off (this issue had already been fixed on PC).


Fixed a number of issues that could prevent players from being able to see other ambient players.

Fixed an issue that could allow players to join a group they did not have permission to join.

Fixed a networking error that could occur when joining games from the frontend.

Fixed an issue that could prevent Steam sessions from being marked full when at the player cap.


Fixed an issue that prevented system-level messages from appearing in the chat window if chat permissions were restricted.

Fixed an issue that could cause Speech-To-Text to be active even when disabled in the options.

Fixed an issue that caused the default network permissions to be incorrect in Normal Mode.

Fixed an issue that made the Nexus mission board UI appear too far away in VR.

Fixed an issue that caused ship sounds from other players to loop constantly.


Fixed an issue that caused Xbox One player to be matchmade with other platforms when they had disabled crossplay at a system OS level.

Introduced a small load-time optimisation for Xbox One.

On PC, fixed a throttling issue when changing window focus.


Fixed an issue with depot raiding multiplayer missions that could block progress if players destroyed a depot while in their ship.

Fixed a rare issue that could occasionally cause multiplayer missions to fail to find an appropriate planet on which to collect a Quad Servo.

Made a number of minor text fixes.

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