Dragon’s Dogma Set To Release On Netflix

The show based on Capcom's RPG will release in September

By Fragnarok, Posted 15 Jul 2020

Netflix has announced an official release date of September 17 for the Dragon’s Dogma animated series. Capcom had previously revealed the project back in 2019. There were many hints that Dragon’s Dogma was still thriving, including the Steam version of the game going on sale at a major discount. The original base game released in 2012, followed by expansions, and ports to modern systems like the Switch.

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Only the Arisen can face the Dragon and defeat the apocalypse. Here's your first look at the anime series adaptation of Capcom's action fantasy classic Dragon's Dogma, arriving September 17th.

NX (@NXOnNetflix) - July 15, 2020


It is yet to be seen how close the animated series will follow the actual game. In the game’s backstory, the legendary hero Savan challenged the ancient Dragon Grigori and brought about peace. Yet, in the present Grigori reemerged and slew your main character, stealing their beating heart and transforming them into the next Arisen. The Netflix artwork depicts a man that closely resembles Savan, but this could just be an artistic choice.   

Kurtis Seid, NoobFeed

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