Hello Neighbor is Getting a Sequel

Hello Neighbor 2 confirmed for PC and Xbox Series Hello Neighbor

By Grayshadow, Posted 23 Jul 2020

Remember Hello Neighbor? It was a highly anticipated game by many but when it launched received mediocre reviews and reception. The multiplayer expansion was better received but looks like a sequel is in the works that will build on the original game's concepts.

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Players take control of a new character, Quinten, a local journalist investigating missing person reports. Like Miles Upshur from Outlast Quintin decides to throw caution into the wind when finding an abandoned house of Mr. Petterson, the antagonist of the first game that is occupied by crow-like beings.

Quintin breaks in to find out what's inside and try to avoid the creatures. You can take part in the Open Alpha right now and try to survive the new threat.

This sequel will include open-world gameplay similar to the first title, with the AI learning from the player's actions. No expected release date has been provided.

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