League of Legends - Spirit Blossom Reveal

The Spirit Blossom Festival begins with a new cinematic.

By TKras98, Posted 24 Jul 2020

Today, Riot Games showcased Yone, the next character set to join their roster, with an action packed animated short. The trailer showcased League of Legends staple Yasuo fighting against his brother Yone in a battle of honor and forsaken duties. Yasuo wakes up from the fight, a nightmare of his past, to travel to a mystical river to cleanse his spirit.

Yasuo, the brother of League's next champion: Yone

Yasuo has several flashbacks to his younger life alongside Yone, where Yasuo showcases his stubborn nature. Only wanting to protect his home and prove himself, Yasuo disappoints his brother with his continual rash decisions.

The trailer takes a sudden turn when the old woman who led Yasuo to the Spirit Blossoms turns out to be a horrific demon, an azakana, and Yasuo is only saved when Yone appears, ready to kill the monster that manipulated Yasuo. Yone, however, is in a strange position. Fans of League will remember that Yasuo famously murdered his brother. So, what is Yone? He is a hunter of azakana, demonic creatures. Previously, we have seen Yone fight azakana after his death, but now he has returned to the world of living to fight azakana.

The Spirit Blossom Festival is a major event for League of Legends. There are two new characters, the previously released Lilia, and the upcoming Yone. There are also a wealth of skins, and a few new unique systems.

Tyler Krasnai
Editor, NoobFeed

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