Guts 'N Goals Launches Free Frantic Football Fun

Guts 'N Goals is a free release, so it costs nothing to just dive right in.

By Daavpuke, Posted 30 Jul 2020

If you're looking for some uncomplicated good times, in these complicated bad times, maybe hop into Guts 'N Goals: Preseason, which just launched for PC on Steam. This title is a free release, so it costs nothing to just dive right in.

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Guts 'N Goals is an arcade football game with bright pixel art, except the twist is that teams don't play with their feet. Instead, the traditional playing fields are littered with bat-wielding characters. There are twenty people on the roster, which each have a unique ability to change the tide of the game. Additionally, the differing fields also come with varying play styles.

More than just the preset abilities, Guts 'N Goals will also have a separate mutator for each match, which will do things like blow up the ball or make it grow spikes. The rowdy football gameplay has a vibe of Nintendo World Cup on NES, but with more River City Ransom in there than just the aesthetic.

As the "preseason" suggests, this free release is the precursor to a full launch, coming later this year. There is a modest Kickstarter asking for just €8,500 to finish the game, which is said to be in development for four years already, making it 90% complete. Aside from Steam, the developer would like to target Nintendo Switch, with other platforms if the campaign allows it.

Arcade soccer is making a comeback, likely due to the success of Rocket League. Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions, a game made from the classic anime, is releasing soon on consoles and PC. It's the first time in ages that this franchise, which inspired games like Inazuma Eleven, will see a proper release. Playing some Guts 'N Goals could also prepare you for the craziness of that game. Football is officially fun again.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed

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