Madden NFL 21 Officially Rated The Worst Game Ever Made On Metacritic

Madden NFL 21 has a user score of 0.3

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Sep 2020

EA is one of the most infamous companies in entertainment. The publisher is notorious for using heavy monetization tactics and loot boxes, causing anything with the EA logo to be instantly scrutinized. One of the best examples of these insidious tactics is the Madden franchise, which often recycles assets and provides minor updates each year. Most importantly the series heavily charges its player base to keep competitive, with each year requiring players to start from the beginning. With the recent release, Madden NFL 21 being voted by gamers as the worst game ever made on Metacritic.

Madden NFL 21,NoobFeed,

Prior to this Madden NFL 21 was tied with The Division 2's Warlords of New York before achieving this. Now, Metacritic is notorious for having users create accounts simply to review bomb titles or even positive review bombs. You can pick these accounts out very easily based on their username and their account history. However, Madden like NBA 2K has an infamous history of anti-consumer practices and with this game being the first Madden game set for next-generation release fans have had it.

This won't change anything as EA has made over $1 billion from microtransactions, with the biggest being Madden's Ultimate Team. The NFL has a long history of placing profit above everything else and EA is the same way. This game can get a 0.1 and will still make millions.

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