Crysis Update 1.4 Now Available For Nintendo Switch

New update available for Crysis on Nintendo Switch

By Grayshadow, Posted 29 Sep 2020

Crysis recently launched for Nintendo Switch and a new update is available to resolve some issues and improve the experience.


Update 1.4 is detailed below.

- Fixed multiple game crashes.

- Fixed a bug where a huge alien structure was floating mid-air at the beach.

- Fixed an issue that caused Gyroscope aiming to get stuck sometimes.

- Fixed an issue where the Audio synchronization during cutscenes was broken, after attaching/de-attaching joy-cons.

- Fixed an issue that caused NPC faces to be too dark during several cutscenes.

- Fixed an issue where some distant vegetation was glitching while using binoculars.

- Fixed issues with Psycho's mouth movements while other NPC speaks. (Recovery-village)

- Fixed a bug where occasionally the carrier's elevator could not be activated during the main objective. (Fleet - Reckoning)

- Fixed sound attenuation issues working inside building, even when they have been destroyed.

- Fixed a bug where corpses appeared dark after being thrown.

- Fixed a bug where General Kyong teleported with graphical artifacts. (Mine - Awakening)

- Fixed a bug where the HUD did not reload immediately after skipping the cutscene with General Kyong.

- Fixed wrong timing of the video played during the videoconference cutscene. (Rescue - Relic)

- Fixed an issue where broken glass would disappear, if player broke another glass. (Exodus - Sphere)

- Fixed a bug where VOs and subtitles were missing during dialogues with Psycho. (Reckoning-fleet)

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