Halo: The Master Chief Collection Will Launch On Xbox Series S/X With 120 FPS Upgrade For Campaign And Multiplayer

Halo: The Master Chief Collection will include 120 FPS support for Xbox Series S/X

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Oct 2020

Halo: The Master Chief Collection continues to get more updates with Xbox confirming the title will have major improvements for Xbox Series consoles.

Halo The Master Chief Collection,NoobFeed,

It's time to dust off the ol' Needler.

? Fully Optimized on Series X|S
? 120 FPS in Campaign & Multiplayer
? Split-screen improvements & up to 4K on Series X
? Available for free to existing owners or those with @XboxGamePass on November 17 pic.twitter.com/Ufusdsyd8C

— Xbox (@Xbox) October 20, 2020

This version will include a split-screen option, 120 FPS for both campaign and multiplayer, and 4K visuals. You can download the entirely of the game on Game Pass when the system's launch but expect a huge download size.

Those who want to play the latest game can download a free copy of Halo 5: Guardians through the Monster Energy promotion.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection is now available for PC and Xbox One. It'll launch for Xbox Series S/X on November 17th.

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